Natural Ways To Get Rid Of Your Warts Forever

Foot Warts - 5 Popular Techniques To Remove Them

There are several different forms of warts which could appear on people’s skin however they are all brought on by the same viral infection known as human papillomavirus. The human papilloma virus or HPV is one of the most common viral infections existing on the planet which is believed to have affected over 40 percentage of the human population all over the world. HPV virus which infects the human body survives underneath the skin layers by extracting food from the blood vessels. Feet area, particularly the plantar region in the sole of the feet is more prone to warts and the type of warts that appear here are known as plantar warts. Wart on the feet could be easily eliminated by using many treatment options which are available these days. These kinds of warts are contagious and spread easily in places like locker rooms because skin is easily shed from the feet and the HPV virus grows well in humid and hot environments. Plantar warts are shaped like a small cauliflower and have many black flecks on them. Medical treatment and home remedies are the two different ways by which you may get rid of warts on feet. Let’s look at the cost and effectiveness of these two methods. natural wart removal

1. Nuke Your Warts: If your warts are not responding to other types of surgical treatments, then you can consider laser surgery as the last option. This treatment method can get rid of warts permanently but it could leave scarring. Not many people opt for laser surgery treatment as it is very painful and it is also very expensive.

2. Cryosurgery Wart Removal: If you decide on cryosurgery, also called cryotherapy, then the doctor is going to use liquid nitrogen to freeze your warts of. By freezing the wart a blister is formed underneath it so that it is easy to lift off. This procedure also destroys the virus that lives underneath the skin. Though this procedure is quite painful, it does not leave any scar over the skin and hence is preferred by many people.

3. Home Wart Remedies: Many different varieties of over the counter medicine such as creams and lotions are available to get rid of warts on feet and these products usually contain salicylic acid as the main component. Plantar warts could be removed in about a month using this product at home. After the salicylic acid softens the tough wart tissue it can be removed.

4. Remove Warts Surgically: There are three types of surgery which can be effective to get rid of warts on feet. These are cryosurgery, electrosurgery and laser surgery. All of these techniques require trips to the doctor’s office or medical care facility and they could be expensive and painful. We’ll take a look at the three types in a bit more detail.

wart elimination 5. Tape Your Warts: The most inexpensive treatment method that could be used to get rid of warts on feet is to use a duct tape. The duct tape should be placed over the wart for approximately a week and should then be removed. The dead wart tissue can then be removed easily by scraping it off using a pumice stone or any other abrasive material. Some people also recommend placing a small piece of garlic under the tape because its oil helps to soften the skin and kill the HPV virus.

5 Outstanding Methods For Eliminating Hand Warts Naturally

The human papillomavirus could cause a kind of wart on your hands and fingers that is referred to as a common wart. Warts can be easily identified because they have a characteristic cauliflower shaped look with tiny black dots on the rough jagged skin surface. HPV virus infection causes the formation of warts which could appear on any part of your body, but these are usually noticed on hands, fingers and even on feet. HPV is the most common viral infection in the world and it is estimated to infect approximately 40 percent of the world population. The appearance of warts over the skin is typical sign of the viral infection. You should be aware that mere skin to skin with other people who are suffering from this infection or touching objects which have been contaminated by the virus might cause the viral infection to pass on because this virus is extremely contagious in nature. So if you wish to get rid of warts on hands and to stop it from recurring, you need to avoid cuts, abrasions or other types of open lesions on your hands and keep your clean as clean as possible. Listed below are a couple of tips and suggestions that could help you to get rid of warts on hands.

1. Utilize Folk Remedies To Get Rid Of Ugly Warts

There are plenty of natural home remedies which could be used to eliminate warts on the hands and they can be classified into two categories. The first group includes treatments that recommend the consumption of natural potions with a view to strengthen your immune function. Herbal teas, plant based infusions and other medicinal preparations come under this category. Topical application of natural products for the treatment of warts come under the second category. Natural skin creams are available over-the-counter which can be applied over the warts or you can even use folk remedies such as application of garlic oil or aloe gel. These natural products can help to get rid of warts in an effective inexpensive and safe way .

2. Scratches and Cuts

HPV is a viral infection and it can infect your hands more easily if there are any scratches or abrasions on them. Any open lesions that occur need to be disinfected straight away and then bandaged well .

3. Good Hygiene

The hands are the part of a persons body that touches far more things than any other part so it is not be surprising that warts are so commonly found on the hands. Remember that the HPV virus is easily spread by contact and that it is very contagious. Good hygiene is necessary to get rid of warts on hands that are already developed and to stop them from coming back. Using a good quality anti-bacterial soap for washing your hands is a good idea because this will also help to kill the HPV virus.

4. Strong Immune System

The body has its own internal way to fight against viral infections called the immune system. So it is very important that you take good care of your internal health by consuming a well balanced diet that provides adequate nourishment.

5. No Scratching

Picking or scratching the warts could cause the viral infection to spread easily and hence it should be strictly avoided.

Whats The Most Effective Kind Of Wart Removing Treatment?

1. Natural Methods - There are a lot of different types of holistic and natural wart removal treatments which can be used safely at home to get rid of the problem inexpensively and effectively. Hot water soaking treatment is one of the simplest method of getting rid of warts. Soak the warts in hot water for 5-10 minutes. This will help to soften the hard outer tissue of the warts. A pumice stone or other abrasive can be used on the soft tissue. Yet another holistic treatment method which can remove the warts effectively is the use of duct tape and garlic. Take a small garlic clove and apply it firmly over the wart with the help of a small piece of duct tape. Garlic contains oils that will help to destroy the HPV virus and even soften the tough tissue while the application of the duct tape cuts off the air supply which is vital for the survival of the virus, consequently the virus gets destroyed.

2. Natural Lotions - There are numerous natural products that can be applied to warts in order to remove them holistically. Apple cider vinegar is a popular choice because it kills the virus while dissolving hard wart tissue. Nature cure experts also suggest the usage of pineapple juice for wart removal. The enzymes present in pineapple juice help to destroy the virus. Tea tree oil from Australia has a proven record of treating warts effectively and aloe vera gel is an old folk remedy practice that when placed regularly on warts will make them disappear. 3. Prescription Preparations - There are a lot of types of lotions and creams which can get rid of warts and they could be purchased over the counter from drug stores. These kinds of treatments are more pricy than natural holistic treatments but they are generally stronger and might be a good solution for people that are not getting a response from holistic products. Salicylic acid is the most common kind of non prescription treatment for warts and it is reasonably priced. Some type of creams have chemical ingredients which when applied over the wart tissue, freezes it so that it could be removed easily.

4. Wart Removal Surgery - There are three different sorts of surgical procedures that can be used to treat warts. They are cryotherapy, laser surgery and electrosurgery. In cryotherapy treatment method, the wart is tissue is sprayed with certain chemical which freezes it. Then the frozen warts are removed very easily. Laser surgery burns the warts off using a high intensity light beam that can leave the patient in some pain for a few days after the procedure. Electrosurgery is the most common surgical procedure for warts and involves passing an electrical current through a needle into the wart to burn it away.

Reduce Your Plantar Warts - 7 Treatments That Really Work

Warts are classified in to various types based on the location where they form and plantar warts are those that appear on the plantar region at the base of the foot. Warts of all kinds are attributable to a viral infection named the human papillomavirus, a highly contagious virus. Also referred to as HPV, this virus is thought by the medical community to infect 40 percent of all of the people in the world,making it the most common viral infection on the planet. In order to get rid of plantar warts there are several natural and holistic treatments that may be used. Plantar warts only develop on the feet and the skin there is quite tough compared to other places on the body. That means that treatments can be used to get rid of plantar warts that would be inappropriate for other body locations. The focus of this article will be on all-natural remedies which could be used to get rid of plantar warts.

1. Hot Soak - Soaking your feet in hot water is an important part of the wart treatment procedure because the plantar warts are comprised of tough hard tissue which needs to be softened before removal. When the tissue gets soft it is easier to get rid of plantar warts. It is best to keep your feet submerged in the hot water for a minimum of ten minutes. Now you can get to work removing the softened tissue using an abrasive tool such as an emery board or a pumice stone.

2. Use Vinegar - One natural substance that would be of great help in getting rid of plantar warts is apple cider vinegar and this works on the warts in two different ways. The acidic nature of the vinegar eats away at the tissue of the wart and softens it. It also helps to destroy the HPV virus which is responsible for the wart formation. This is made possible due to the astringent effects of the apple cider vinegar. Feet should be soaked in apple cider vinegar several times a day. Feet that are sensitive might need some water added at first.

3. Aspirin Compress - Yet another natural way of treating warts is to use aspirin tablets. In this method you don’t ingest the aspirin, instead you need to keep the aspirin tablet over the wart and fasten it with a band aid. The tablet needs to be replaced at least two times everyday.

4. Baking Soda - Warts can be treated holistically using yet another common household ingredient, baking soda. Prepare a thick paste by mixing baking soda with water and rub the paste vigorously over the wart tissue. This treatment should be repeated for at least three times every day.

5. Banana Use - Yet another way of eliminating the warts naturally is to treat it with a banana peel. Secure a small piece of banana peel over the warts with a help of tape. The peel needs to be left until it has become very dry and then it could be changed for a fresh one.

6. Use Garlic - Plantar warts can be removed in many different ways by treating it with garlic. The whole clove can be taped over the plantar wart and left in place for a week. The whole clove can be used to rub the wart three times each day. You can also get rid of ugly plantar warts by rubbing them garlic oil or diced pieces of garlic.

 7. Use Aloe Vera - The gel obtained from the leaves of the aloe vera plant has many wonderful curative properties which can help in the treatment of plantar warts. The gel is an antiseptic, an anti-inflammatory and a topical analgesic. The aloe gel needs to be applied over the wart several times everyday and even before retiring to bed at nighttime.

What Is The Real Cause Of Warts And Wart Growth?

The human papillomavirus causes benign skin tumors called warts which are contagious. This viral infection is also known by its acronym, HPV. HPV virus that enters your body survives on the food obtained from blood vessels and resides under the hard skin layers of the warts. HPV is regarded as the most common viral infection world wide as it infects nearly 40 percent of all human beings. Understanding what causes warts might help a lot of people so that they don’t get infected by the virus that causes them in the first place. Genital warts are the most serious and the hardest to get rid of. Stalk shaped warts, also called filiform warts, appear on the face region. The most common type of warts are the flat warts. These as the name suggests are flat in shape and they appear anywhere on the body. The plantar area underneath the foot is where Plantar warts form while dome shaped warts are common on the backs of toes, knees and fingers. If you are interested in knowing about how to prevent wart formation and HPV infection , then you need to know what causes warts in the first place. Let us take a look at some of the reasons that cause wart formation.

Warts on Feet

If you like hitting the local swimming pool on a regular basis or if you participate in sports activities then you are vulnerable to HPV virus infection which causes Plantar warts underneath your feet in the plantar area. The human papillomavirus grows well and quickly in humid, hot conditions so locker room showers and swimming pool decks are prime places to find them. This is especially true because human feet tend to shed a lot of skin and which makes passing the infection even more likely. One idea you could use to avoid catching the infection which causes plantar warts would be to wear rubber sandals in these places.

Finger Warts

The dome form of wart infection can develop behind the knees and on toes but the place they are most common is on the fingers and hands. Contacting an object which has been contaminated with HPV or touching some one with the virus can lead to infection as the human papillomavirus is so contagious. The more people or things that an individual has physical contact with or touches during their day the more vulnerable they are to HPV virus infection.

Face Warts

Filiform warts and flat warts are the types of wart that affect the face area. As these warts are easily noticeable, it could cause much embarrassment. Skin contact with HPV infected person or sharing things such as handkerchiefs, towels, or razors could cause the virus to be passed on . Avoid facial contact with someone who has warts and don’t share things that come into contact with the face.

Genital Warts

One of more serious forms of warts are those that develop on or around the genital areas. This strain of HPV virus is transmitted between people during genital contact during sexual activities. Complete sexual intercourse is not necessary, mere skin to skin contact is adequate for the viral strain to be passed on because this viral strain is extremely contagious and virulent. Wearing condoms does not offer much protection from the virus because it does not cover the entire genital area. When engaging in oral sex the HPV virus that causes genital warts can be transferred to the mouth and throat.